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My name is Franklyn Gallup. I am a senior citizen, 62 years old and I am a retired Master Wood Floor Mechanic.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured. License # FRANKG*879R3

I spend an average of 15 hours a week sharing my God given talents and knowledge with
anyone who needed help with wood floors.

After 40 years in the wood flooring business, I now prefer to work as a teacher.

Customers become my temporary apprentices and my temporary apprentices become lifetime friends.

I give free advice by phone to people all over the world.

YOU Benefit several ways when I help YOU with your wood floor project.

  • I provide tools of the trade SAVING YOU rental costs


  • I show YOU labor saving tricks making the job EASIER.


  • I show YOU ways to SAVE MONEY in supplies.


  • I adjust to fit YOUR skill level.


  • I help YOU get satisfaction of participating


  • I bring the tools to YOU


  • I make it FUN for YOU


  • YOU are able to adjust the cost by deciding how much help YOU needed and thereby keep within budget.